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Founded in 1984, Watson & Company, Inc. started as a bookkeeping service for small businesses.  In 2003, Watson’s new ownership Barb Gay began to build on the company’s stellar reputation.  Over the years, Watson has grown to a full-service accounting firm.

In addition to providing more than just bookkeeping and accounting services, Watson & Co., Inc. goes beyond the numbers in a variety of ways.  To better serve their clients and to provide that full-service benefit, Watson & Co., Inc. added the payroll services, tax planning and business consulting to their list of services.  Along with these services, they use and upgrade their technology to provide clients with choices that are convenient for them. 

They have also focused on making the customer experience a pleasant one by making customer service a huge part of their success.  Unlike many other accounting firms, Watson & Co., Inc. provides each client with the personal attention needed to get through the tough process of accounting, allowing business owners to focus on what they do best, being successful.

When Watson & Co., Inc. started, it was a team of only three people, today it has grown to assisting more than 170 clients with a team of nine. 

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Barb Gay, President

Barb Gay is the President of Watson & Co., Inc.  Barb attended University of Colorado in Denver (ucd) and is an Enrolled Agent with more than 25 years of experience.  When Barb began working for Watson & Co., Inc.  she started like many of the rest of us, working up the ranks.  In 2003, Barb became co-owner with Vice President Lori Cardenas.

Barb realized she had a love for accounting when she was a senior in high school while taking an accounting class that lasted the entire year.  During the second semester there was a small business accounting project where each student ran a checkbook, made journal entries, and created their own financials for their business.  That’s when she fell in love with accounting. 

Working at Watson, and now as the president, Barb likes accounting and what she does because she gets to work with many different kinds of businesses and clients which keep things different and new.   “Nothing is ever the same when you are dealing with this many variables.   I also like to help our clients with accounting because it makes them successful as business owners and I am a business owner like them.  I am proud of the work we do here and the product we provide for our clients.  We talk to our clients which is unusual for accountants.” comments Barb.

Barb and most of her immediate family are here in Aurora, Colorado.  She is a great “hands-on” aunt to her niece and nephew.   She loves to watch hockey, baseball and tennis, and is a huge Av’s and Rockies fan.  People who know Barb, know it is more than just numbers that she enjoys.  During her free time she enjoys spending time at her lakeside cabin in the mountains, traveling, riding her Honda scooter and she is an avid “Cropper” (making cards and scrapbooking).

Bryn Massman, Supervisor

Bryn Massman is a Supervisor at Watson & Co., Inc.  Bryn attended CU Denver while working at a local dealership, where he realized his love of accounting and business.  Yes the dealership used Watson & Co and that is when he first met Barb and Lori.  Throughout those years he learned a great deal of on the job experience and with the help of Lori and the Watson Team was able to advance rather quickly in his position.  After the dealership was sold Bryn searched for new ventures to capture his attention and even helped process Corporate Tax Returns one tax season.  In 2011 he became a full time addition to the Watson team.  

Bryn loves the fact that each client’s business is unique and respects the challenges that each business owner faces. 

During Bryn’s free time he has a passion for cars as well as mountain biking, running and taking on new challenges.  He also enjoys spending time with family and friends and focusing on charity work.

Alina Rehder, Supervisor

Alina Rehder is a Supervisor at Watson & Co. Inc.  She attended CU Denver while working for a local bank.  At this point Alina changed her major after realizing that accounting was her passion.  Prior to coming to Watson & Co. she worked at two other accounting firms.  Alina is proficient with QuickBooks and is eager to help business owners find solutions to their business needs.  She believes there is nothing more important than customer service.

Alina enjoys that every day is different and presents new challenges.  She always strives to accomplish her goals as quickly as possible.

In her free time she loves to spend time with her family, as well as antiquing and hiking.

Jeri Klitzky, Payroll Processor

Jeri Klitzky has been an employee of Watson & Co. for fourteen years, as a payroll processor and works on bookkeeping accounts as well.  She enjoys the variety of her daily work with client payroll accounts that provide services of transmitting and paying taxes, processing retirement plans and the rapport that has been developed with her many clients.

Jeri enjoys participating and volunteering through her church, walking her dog Reilly, and hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains.  She recently had a "dream" vacation in Paris.

Kim Thompson, Receptionist

Kim Thompson has worked for Watson & Co.  for a couple of tax seasons, prior to coming on board full time as the Receptionist in September 2011.  She enjoys her daily tasks of greeting clients, checking in processing  & taxes, doing payrolls,  and various other duties;  the client interaction being her favorite. 

Kim’s family is the most important thing in her life, she and her husband of 22 years enjoy spending time with their 18 year old daughter and 15 year old son, sharing in all their sports, activities and fun family time.  Kim also enjoys crafting, cropping and has a full scale vegetable and flower garden in the summer.

Nicole Fladeboe, Bookkeeper

Nicole Fladeboe has been with Watson and Company for over a year and decided to get into accounting after 10 years in the customer service industry. She quickly found out taking care of people and their needs extend to any business in any field, and are ultimately the determining factors for success. Her ability to have a personal relationship with her clients is the best part about her job. Every client is unique in the type of business they own, and it makes every day new in a lot of ways.

Nicole loved math in high school and college; algebra being her favorite and since, she has added many accounting skills to her skill set.  She loves to play golf on the weekends. When she is not playing an outdoor sport, she cheers on the DU Pioneer Hockey team or attends a Colorado Buffalo football game to cheer on her alma mater. She loves to listen to 80’s music and finds any reason to host a party or entertain. Having a family and publishing a cookbook would fulfill her lifetime goals.


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Quarterly Due Dates 2014

Below are the estimated tax payment due dates for 2014:

1st Quarter........April 15, 2014
2nd Quarter.......June 15, 2014
3rd Quarter........Sept. 15, 2014
4th Quarter........January 15, 2015

Our Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

"I have been a client for 15 years and can say that Barb and Lori are on the cutting edge of their technology. This year's personal planner was done on a secure site and took me about 10 minutes to compete. Knowing that Watson and Company is also conserving on the paper consumption puts them in the green zone for us. Accurate, Timely, Personable and knowing they handle all auditing issues is a HUGE peace of mind"
—  Leslie, Denver